Extend Nutrition, St. Louis, introduces an easy-to-follow “Snack-2-Health Kit.” Officials note that no lifestyle changes required there’s no program to follow. Consumers just have to eat two snacks per day.

The starter kit contains 60 servings of nutritional bars, shakes, and more. Each serving contains a patented blend of protein, fiber, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates that helps to control blood sugar for six to nine hours. This formula was developed and tested by Dr. Francine Kaufman. 


The “Snack-2-Health” Kit is now available for purchase at www.ExtendNutrion.com for $103.90. For a limited time, consumers can save 30% by using the code “KIT” during checkout. Consumers also receive a recipe guide, blender bottle, and support materials.

“Trying a new weight loss plan can feel overwhelming,” states outreach manager Jonathan Lindberg. “There is a plethora of contradictory health and nutrition information available online, making it nearly impossible to make healthy decisions. With our new Snack-2-Health kit, we are confident that consumers will find snacking very simple and it will make healthy decisions easier.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 68% of American adults are overweight. The spread of the “Western diet,” which consists of simple carbohydrate foods and lacks protein, has helped fuel an increase in both obesity rates and diabetes.

To help combat this epidemic, Dr. Kaufman took to her very own kitchen and created the Extend Nutrition formula. The doctor-developed snacks are low-glycemic, meaning that the complex carbohydrates help promote healthy blood sugar levels. These products are clinically proven and are used by people around the world, with over 25 million snacks sold to date.

The Snack-2-Health Kit includes a full variety of 60 nutritional snacks, the “Extend Nutrition Snack-2-Health” PDF Guide including recipes for healthy meals, and a blender bottle that makes drinking shakes convenient. The kit retails for $103.90. For a limited time, consumers can save 30% by using the code “KIT” during checkout.

Invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, world-renowned endocrinologist and former President of the American Diabetes Association, the patented line of Extend Nutrition Bars, Shakes, Crisps and Drizzles are delicious nutritional solutions clinically-proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. Blood sugar control is the key to both diabetes and weight management. Extend Nutrition snacks have been enthusiastically recommended by thousands of certified diabetes educators and registered dietitians around the world for more than 10 years.

Extend Nutrition products are available at more than 25,000 retailers nationwide including Walgreens, CVS, Target, Kmart, amazon, extendnutrition.com and other leading retailers where diabetes nutrition products are sold. Extend Nutrition strives to provide families with simple nutritional solutions that deliver peace of mind and confidence resulting in a healthier and happier lifestyle.