LEVEL Life, Boulder, Colo., welcomed National Diabetes Month (November) with a new line of indulgent snacks, including Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Turtle Bars. Officials say the items are formulated with 80%- and 60%-less sugar than traditional offerings, respectively. 

The new snacks are low glycemic and gluten-free—making them ideal for anyone looking for simple solutions to satisfy hunger while watching carb and sugar intake. The Peanut Butter Cup features 9g fiber and 5g protein and contains only 3g sugar. The Peanut Turtle Bar has 7g fiber, 6g protein and 8g sugar. The sweet treats fit easily into a pocket or purse, making snacking on-the-go both simple and convenient, officials say.

"We're committed to changing the way people think about managing and preventing diabetes, and believe the key to success lies in positive nutrition and eating properly," says LEVEL Life Founder Ethan Lewis, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 12. "We use real, high-quality ingredients that don't give you stomach or blood sugar issues, and which are formulated to quickly deliver the results you need."

The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are an estimated 29 million people in the U.S and more than 86 million Americans with prediabetes, which is known to progress into Type 2 diabetes without early intervention efforts through diet, exercise and weight loss. LEVEL Life say the new snacks help to keep blood sugars stable throughout the day, while they offer healthier options for those seeking a sweet treat or dessert without the guilt of a candy bar.

LEVEL Life Peanut Butter Cups and Turtles ($5.99 MSRP, 4 ct. box) are sold nationwide at Kroger stores and are also available online at www.LEVELFoods.com.

LEVEL Life is part of Boulder Brands, Inc.