Mizkan Americas Food Ingredients Division has added Moonshine white whiskey to its line of denatured spirits.

Moonshine white whiskey can contribute a distinctive flavor to finished products, ranging from tangy and savory to sweet. It works well in marinades, dressings, sauces, soups, demi-glazes, food bases and prepackaged meals. Mizkan unveiled its moonshine ingredient at the Research Chefs Association annual conference. 

The 40% alcohol Moonshine white whiskey is 80 Proof and is a clear, un-aged whiskey. The whiskey has a 12-month shelf life without refrigeration. The product is available in 55-gallon drums.

“Moonshine has moved from outlaw to trendsetter,” says Dave Sackett, executive director of sales and marketing for Mizkan Food Ingredients. “Moonshine’s popularity has been rising ever since many states loosened distillery laws in 2008. Restaurants nationwide are featuring moonshine in drinks and in menu items, so the ingredient has trickled over to manufacturers as they work to meet consumer demand for unique flavors.”

Sackett notes that large US distilleries Jack Daniels and Jim Beam also have introduced un-aged whiskeys –which further solidifies the moonshine trend.

“Moonshine is having its moment, much like craft beers,” adds Sackett. “Consumers are interested in artisanal spirits and moonshine has an enduring hand-crafted history.”

Mizkan offers food manufacturers denatured Dark Rum, Light Run, Bourbon, Whiskey, White Tequila, Vodka, Brandy and non-alcoholic Triple Sec. Samples of the new Moonshine denatured white whiskey are available by calling 1-800-323-4358 or by visiting www.mizkan.com.