Lemon Drop Moonshine in body

October 28/Gatlinburg, Tenn. -- Apple pie, peach, blackberry . . . Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine has already brought some distinct fruit flavors to its ever-expanding line of products.  Now comes two more, Strawberry and Lemon Drop, a couple extra reasons to twist open a jar and invite all the neighbors over.

Americans eat twice as many strawberries as they did two decades ago, according to the USDA, and their popularity makes it ripe time for a new libation: Ole Smoky Strawberry Moonshine. Southern folk have long prized the sweet red fruit for jams and pies, shortcakes and of course moonshine. Ole Smoky Strawberry Moonshine is infused with sweetness and a hint of tart, to capture the real fruit flavor. 

In the smoky mountains of Tennessee and across the South, lemonade has traditionally been a favorite thirst quencher, served in a mason jar with plenty of ice and even a sprig of mint. Ole Smoky blends the taste of fresh-squeezed lemons and sugar with its mixin’ moonshine, White Lightnin’, to create Ole Smoky Lemon Drop Moonshine.

At 40 proof each, and packaged in the same traditional 750ml mason jars as other Ole Smoky products, Ole Smoky Strawberry Moonshine and Ole Smoky Lemon Drop Moonshine currently ships to retail stores in 49 states and Canada, available in national retail stores like Sam’s Club and Walmart as well as local liquor stores nationwide.