High Liner Foods introduced Pulled BBQ Salmon. With barbecue more popular than ever, Pulled BBQ Salmon from High Liner Foods' FPI brand gives operators a chance to move away from the sea of sameness and "Stand Out from the Herd" of traditional pulled pork.

Made with premium Atlantic Salmon, new Pulled BBQ Salmon leverages two of today's most popular trends in foodservice: the use of savory barbecue sauces and compelling new salmon options. Pulled BBQ Salmon contains no preservatives and is a source of protein and Omega 3s. The product is also an exciting new twist on a classic preparation that will generate menu excitement and interest for foodservice operators.

As a fully cooked "heat and eat" item, Pulled BBQ Salmon is easy to prepare and comes in pre-portioned 2.5 lb. vacuum packs. Operators can boil or steam the product in the bag for heat-and-serve simplicity. A Pulled BBQ Salmon sandwich is the recommended menu application as an alternative to traditional pork, but in addition to sandwiches, Pulled BBQ Salmon is also ideal for burritos and tacos, wraps, as a salad topper and in creative appetizers.

Pulled BBQ Salmon comes in two flavors:

  • Traditional: A tangy, tomato-based barbecue sauce with just the right amount of sweetness and natural smokiness.
  • Sriracha: A barbecue taste featuring the famous sweet-heat taste of Sriracha sauce.

"With consumers continuing to crave barbecue, Pulled BBQ Salmon provides operators with the opportunity to serve quality, on-trend seafood in a healthier and familiar barbeque dish for an innovative addition to any operator's lineup," said Jim Papadakis, Brand Manager for High Liner Foods.