New England Coffee Company announced the availability of its Spring Awakening blend — a new seasonal blend made from a unique arrangement of South American, African and Indonesian coffee beans. Spring Awakening boasts an exotic, lively character to complement the long-awaited beautiful spring mornings.

As with all of New England Coffee's blends, Spring Awakening is made with 100 percent high-quality Arabica coffee beans and small-batch roasted to ensure the perfect flavor. Spring Awakening is a lighter roast that brings out the lively character and sharpness unique to the special blend of beans from different origins. Spring Awakening is part of a series of limited-time-only products New England Coffee will offer throughout 2015. The special blends will include longstanding customer favorites along with several new flavors.

Spring Awakening features bold, colorful packaging reminiscent of the spring bloom. It is available in 12-ounce freshly ground packages through June 2015 online at and at select retailers, including ACME, Market Basket, Roche Bros., Shop Rite, and TOPS.

To support the launch, the company this Friday will provide Bostonians with a Spring Awakening sampling campaign. Bags of Spring Awakening coffee, mugs and coupons will be handed out at locations throughout downtown Boston by "zombies" to celebrate the arrival of warmer spring weather and help ward off the #coffeezombie lurking in all of us.