The avian flu outbreak is now being dubbed as the worst in US history, claiming more than 32 million birds in nearly one third of America since 2014. With no signs of stopping, the disease is also beginning to take its toll on consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike. 

As egg demand outstrips supply and as prices continue to rise, egg replacement is now at the forefront of food manufacturers’ minds—with many scrambling to find alternative ways to meet their formulating needs.

Ingredion Incorporated is helping food manufacturers overcome rising egg costs, improve profitability and reduce their reliance on eggs with a wide range of egg replacement ingredient solutions:

• PenNovo® modified starches
• N-CREAMER® modified starches
• PURITY GUM modified starches
• VITESSENCETM pulse proteins

These ingredient solutions allow food manufacturers to successfully replace and/or reduce egg products in a variety of savory applications, without compromising the visual and textural appeal of their food products, and with added benefits.

— Ingredion Incorporated,