The Mediterranean diet is influencing menu and flavor trends across the United States. This is not only due to its commonsense approach to healthy food, but also for its approved health benefits from the scientific community, according to new market research jointly published by Packaged Facts and CCD Innovation. Even Men’s Health Magazine noted, “Mediterranean going mainstream” as a top culinary trend for 2015.

As an award-winning leader in dairy manufacturing, Karoun Dairies (, is raising the bar in the retail dairy aisle with the launch of Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks, Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Spreads as well as the new Blue Isle Mediterranean Greek Yogurts, Blue Isle Feta Cheeses and Blue Isle Sour Creams. Designed for a growing health-conscious population, Blue Isle replaces old grocery staples with tastier and better nutritional alternatives.

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks are made in California’s Central Valley and will be showcased in a larger 32oz size for the first time at the IDDBA Show. These smooth, all-natural yogurt drinks have the added benefit of 10 live and active cultures. Loaded with protein and low in fat, Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks are definitive of the Mediterranean diet and the benefits of digestive health and nutritional well-being. Rich in probiotics and calcium, these functional drinks can be enjoyed as a nutritionally dense breakfast treat, in smoothies, as a topping to granola or as the perfect “good for you” snack.

It’s no secret what Americans want in a healthy, on-the-go treat. According to research, consumers look for grocery purchases that are convenient, nutritious and delicious. This is why yogurt drinks are one of the fastest growing sectors of the dairy market. Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt drinks are portable, nutritious, and delicious to enjoy.

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks can be enjoyed in the following creamy flavors:

  • Original
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Pomegranate