Jack Link's® Protein Snacks, brings a new thrill-of-the-grill with the introduction of its premium Jack Link's® Wild Side™ Sausage line. These satisfying links are available now in big, bold and meaty flavors that kick up the taste buds. Suitable for grilling, the sausages feature unexpected ingredients that range from handcrafted bacon jerky, to hardwood-smoked beef and pork, to spicy jalapeño peppers.

Five grill-ready varieties to Feed Your Wild Side

The Jack Link's Wild Side Sausage line includes five flavor varieties that are fully cooked and ready to throw on the grill. All feature big-guy portions, crispy casings and meaty texture, making them perfect for the ultimate tailgating party or backyard barbecue:

• Original Hardwood Smoked Sausage adds an extra kick of traditional spices for a sausage with steak-like perfection

• Hardwood Smoked with Cheddar Sausage combines melt-in-your-mouth cheddar cheese with a classic sausage

• Jalapeño Sausage features fiery jalapeño peppers and premium cuts of beef and pork

• Bratwurst with Bacon Jerky incorporates the smoky flavor of thick cut, hickory-smoked bacon jerky into a great grilling sausage

• Bratwurst with Peppered Jerky is perfect for black pepper lovers, blended with coarse ground pepper jerky that doesn't mess around