Consumers are abuzz about bone broth. Crafted in culinary and home kitchens for centuries, its promising health benefits are enjoying a renaissance. From paleo and primal devotees to those seeking to benefit their microbiome, bone broth is in demand.

A poultry ingredient leader, International Dehydrated Foods, Inc., (IDF) is building on broth expertise to offer the “better bone broth” with frozen and dry bone broth ingredients.

“It’s no secret that people are increasingly seeking wellness from within, feeding their bodies for holistic, long-term healthfulness,” says Stephanie Lynch, vice president of IDF Technology, Sales and Marketing. “As we’ve increased our investments in innovation and R&D, bone broth was a natural next step.”

Major brands have long relied on IDF for frozen concentrated and powdered broths, as well as chicken fat, chicken protein powder, and chicken meat powder. Known for its high-quality poultry ingredients, and recently having made significant investments in innovation, IDF was well positioned to apply its experience and capability in the development of bone broth ingredients.

“As a business built on poultry ingredient expertise, and a rich history of innovations in broth, we chose to direct our efforts toward developing a formulation-friendly bone broth that brands can rely on, not just for consistency and quality, but for functional claims, as well,” Lynch says.

More than a savory sippable, IDF® JMP (Joint Microbiome Performance) bone broth powder offers guaranteed levels of chondroitin in addition to its prebiotic and gut health benefits. IDF also plans to pursue clinical trials to further substantiate the benefits of consuming its bone broth.

“We’ve completed extensive preclinical research with our JMP bone broth powder and are now actively seeking partners with whom to pursue clinical research,” Lynch notes.

In addition to IDF® JMP bone broth powder (which IDF developed for the supplement market), the company created IDF® 3515, a bone broth powder for food applications. Highly dispersible, it works well in just-add-water applications, such as single-serve hot beverages and ramen. Highly concentrated with an on-trend roasted flavor, IDF’s bone broth powder provides convenience in use while bringing the benefits of bone broth to a wide array of formulations.

“From RTE to just-add-water applications, bone broth provides foundational nutrition and flavor for on-trend savory snacks and meals,” says Erin Danastasio, IDF marketing communications manager. “From a formulation perspective, the powder is very convenient and offers a nice roasted flavor, while the frozen broth is lighter in color and flavor, a great option for a sipping broth.”

IDF’s frozen concentrated bone broth has a light cooked flavor and is light blonde in color. The readily available ingredient is easily applicable in beverages, as well as traditional liquid broth applications, such as sauces, ready meals, and soups. “On-trend, nutritious, and flavorful, our bone broths provide great foundations for a variety of food and supplement applications,” Danastasio says. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with brand partners in the development of applications that deliver great nutrition and a delicious eating experience to consumers.”

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IDF® is a family-owned company in its 32nd year of providing foundational, poultry-based ingredients in the form of powder and frozen concentrated broth, including bone broth, concentrated protein and meat powder, extract and fat. The company is supporting the development of trending applications, such as meal replacement drinks, sport nutrition and novel applications in soups and bars with its sustainable, natural ingredients.