Cerebelly, a brain-focused children's food brand created by a neurosurgeon to deliver age-optimized nutrients for early brain development, continues to expand its offerings with the introduction of Bone Broth to its existing line of beloved puree pouches. With 5g of protein in every pouch, this new sub-line supports even the highest levels of protein required for optimal brain development in children 11+ months.

With the launch of Bone Broth — inspired by soups and stews — Cerebelly is responding to parents' requests for more variety and are now able to offer their children Cerebelly's full portfolio of products more often for a longer period of time throughout key developmental milestones. The newest addition of the popular puree pouches, with 1 pouch sold every 15 seconds, allow children to experience similar flavors to their parents with hints of savory spices to expand their palettes and are available in three flavors. Nothing the human brain is fully developed by five years old, the pouches focus on the amino acids delivered through animal protein in addition to the 16 nutrients already found in Cerebelly's existing pouches.

Founded by practicing developmental neurobiologist and mother of three, Dr. Teresa Purzner, MD, PhD, has successfully differentiated Cerebelly's products with convenient and nutrient-packed children foods that taste delicious and support growing brains. Purzner laid out the nutrition required for the brain development of children and sought out to create something that would include protein, while ensuring the safety of Cerebelly's products are organic and free of dangerous levels of heavy metals. 

Purzner knew that animal protein was critical for all parts of the brain bringing in nutrients such as iron, zinc and copper giving targeted support to the areas involved in brain cognition around ten months of age, where there is typically a reduction on formula or breast feeding, meaning babies receive less nutrition from their "milk." Specifically, around 10 months through 12 months of age, babies are becoming better at communicating, hearing words and decoding their meaning, recognizing faces, learning how to repeat an action, and being more self-aware. The regions of the brain responsible for semantic processing require adequate protein.

The Butternut Squash Chicken Broth with Thyme and Carrot Beef Bone Broth with Rosemary mimic a savory warm chicken soup and classic beef stews, with complex ingredient profiles include powerful nutrient-dense combinations like DHA, protein, and copper, which support developmental milestones like language processing, spatial awareness, and memory. 

The Sweet Potato Pinto Bean with Cumin contains nutrients such as Zinc, and was created with an olive oil base, giving it a great fat profile. All three Bone Broth flavors are nutritionally well-balanced and delicious with comforting, umami flavors, and assist regions of the brain (the cingulum, and amygdala) that cater to attention and emotion, and are also required for important and exciting stages of brain and body growth.

While +bone broth is Cerebelly's first omnivorous offering, vegan and vegetarian families can still shop with confidence by selecting the 'Vegan only' button on the site Cerbelly's Bone Broth purees are currently available for purchase direct-to-consumer at Cerebelly.com for $14.03 for a pack of six purees, and will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods stores nationwide in December. The new purees are also included on Cerebelly's website in bundles for specific age ranges and growth milestones, and as part of a subscription delivery service.