HOPE Foods, maker of a High Pressure Processed (HPP) organic hummus and dips, is expanding distribution to Costco stores in the Rocky Mountain, West Coast, and Midwest regions as demand for organic, non-GMO convenience foods grows. To further satisfy consumer desire for products produced with clean ingredient lists that also taste great, HOPE is also expanding its flavor line-up to include two fresh new hummus flavors.

HOPE’s tagline introduced earlier this year, Spread Good Things, summarizes the company’s mission to make quality organic foods available to everyone, everywhere they shop. These club expansions are helping to establish HOPE as a nationally recognized organic brand, known for unique flavor blends and the use of HPP technology to destroy bacteria rather than high heat or added preservatives.

HOPE’s newest 8-ounce hummus flavors rolling into select stores this summer include Super Hemp, which packs two full grams of protein in every tasty tablespoon, and Red Pepper, blending in organic red peppers for a chunky texture bursting with flavor. These flavors join existing favorites Spicy Avocado, Thai Coconut Curry, Original, Kale Pesto, Sriracha, Jalapeno Cilantro and others.

Since it’s inception, HOPE has emphasized the importance of nurturing our bodies and our relationships with the important people in our lives. This commitment takes shape through supporting farmers and growers with purchases of high quality organic ingredients, and through supporting friendships among consumers and employees alike.

"Spreading good things isn’t only about the food we sell, but also the business we run,” explained Director of Marketing Will Burger. “Our food is made by people who believe in the power of hope, and each taste represents a little heart from everyone involved. As we look to 2015 and beyond, we're incredibly excited about our growth as a nationally recognized hummus and dip brand, as well as a leader in HPP. We want to make it easy for consumers to find HOPE in every city, at every store and at every gathering of the people important to them.”

HOPE Hummus 8-ounce flavor options sell for an MSRP of $3.99 and can be found at Whole Foods Market and other grocery and natural foods stores nationwide. At Costco, HOPE Spicy Avocado Hummus is available in a 26-ounce option for $5.99. HOPE also offers organic Superfood Dips made with lentils and Chocolate Hummus.

All HOPE products are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free and Kosher