New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (NGCG) announced its Mucho Macho Spicy Peanuts and Mucho Macho Chicharrones (pork rinds) are now available. The snacks have passed the rigorous quality control and taste-testing NGCG has prided itself on, and are ready for even the most finicky consumers. Currently there are two intense flavors for each of these snack products. You'll have your choice of Spicy and Chili Limon flavored Peanuts and Habanero and Chili Limon flavored Chicharrones (pork rinds).

NGCG has appointments set with several very interested retail stores to take their distinctive snacks to market. These retail stores have received samples, and feel these products will do very well in these locations. New Generation Consumer Group will notify their shareholders of these locations once the agreements have been finalized. These new locations are in addition to the locations Mr. Morrison has been diligently working on to secure within national distribution chains -- as previously stated.

Presently, New Generation Consumer Group has team members in Asia following up on ongoing meetings. These meetings are very productive and advantageous, not only for the future of NGCG, but also for their shareholders. The company expects to have a more detailed report of progress by mid month outlining next steps as well as direction.

Phil Longoria, New Generation Consumer Groups Corporate Relations Officer, states, "We have been aggressively working to bring our snack line to the marketplace and we feel everyone will enjoy them. We are very happy with the quality and flavoring of these two snack lines and are eager to start working on the others. We are very excited about the progress with our Asian counterparts. We have such a unique opportunity, and we plan on taking it all the way. Our meetings are very positive, constructive and forward moving. We will keep all shareholders apprised of our progress every step of the way."