New Generation Consumer Group, a consumer products marketing and media company, announced the launch of its Mucho Macho Michelada Line of Alcoholic Beverage and Snack Products. New Generation Consumer Group has plans to build several brands, including the Mucho Macho Michelada line. Each featured line will have the capability to add additional products under each brand as the Company expands. New Generation Consumer Group has focused on building distribution for each of its product lines through supermarket and warehouse chain stores. 


New Generation Consumer Group is currently working with a major retail chain who has agreed to place Mucho Macho Michelada Mix in multiple store locations throughout the Western Region of the United States. The retailer agreed to sell our Mucho Macho Michelada Mix in its stores located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington with further plans for placing the product in all of their store locations across the country over the next year. Additionally, there is interest in the Mucho Macho line by other various major retailers for which NGCG is working diligently to raise the capital to make those commitments. The Mucho Macho Michelada line is the first pocket size michelada mix being offered in 2 forms. First is a 20 ounce cup, which is designed to allow beer to be added into it easily. The second is a 7 gram sealed foil tear packet that can be taken anywhere. In addition to beer, the Mucho Macho Michelada Mix in the sealed foil tear pack can also be used for dips, or as seasoning on seafood, pizza, chicken, as well as dozens of other foods. We have numerous recipes on our website

Phil Longoria, Director of Marketing for New Generation Consumer Group, said, "Gaining product placement for our Mucho Macho Michelada Mix with a major retail chain allows us to introduce our products to the market. We believe we will have a great deal of success with this product launch, which will allow each of our product lines to have the visibility needed to become staple products in their respected markets."

New Generation Consumer Group plans to introduce new products in the alcoholic beverage market within the year. In addition to the alcoholic beverage line, a new line of snack products including chips, sausages, and other snacks will be coming to market in the very near future. New Generation Consumer Group is the parent company to Mucho Macho Michelada, Monster Marketing Group and VIP Spirits. Our internal marketing group allows us the ability to market and brand our own products and react to market changes quickly and effectively.