After six years of providing cannabis infused edibles to medical marijuana patients, Cheeba Chews™ has developed an innovative solution for Colorado's emerging retail edibles market. While manufacturers throughout the state have been put through an extensive exercise of modifying their recreational products and packaging over the last year, Cheeba Chews™ has taken the time to evaluate what consumers and state legislators demand from the industry and are now stepping to the forefront of the market by providing their high quality chocolate taffy and caramel edibles for Colorado residents and visitors.

Retail marijuana consumers will be able to access sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD chews in 80mg packages, with doses conveniently secured in child resistant 10mg increments, a move that should curb over consumption and help eliminate accidental ingestions.

"Cannabis infused edibles are a wonderful alternative to smoking and we wanted to make sure our products were consumed not only in an enjoyable, but also responsible fashion, on the recreational market," says founder, and CEO James Howler. "Every batch we produce is independently lab tested at three critical stages: the flower, the oil, and the edible, to ensure the staple of our products, the consistency, is maintained throughout this new manufacturing and packaging process."

Same familiar products, new processes and packaging

Known for their hand cut chocolate taffy medical chews, the company determined that in order to meet new and emerging recreational regulations from state legislators, they needed to take a fresh approach to their manufacturing process. Sticking with a tried and true method of hand mixing cannabis oil into their taffy recipes, the company now uses a custom built depositor to dispense the infused products into food grade molds, each containing 3 grams of taffy, that are then foiled and sealed for security and freshness.