Today, more than half of US consumers are concerned about whether their diet has enough fiber, whole grains and protein. Fortunately, there’s one formula-friendly ingredient that addresses all those concerns—and more.

VIOBIN is the nation’s largest producer of de-fatted wheat germ (DWG) and wheat germ oil and traces its roots to 1936. DWG is a sodium-free, non-GMO, no cholesterol ingredient that is high protein (> 26%), high fiber (> 17%) and high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins B1 and B6. This shelf-stable, lowfat ingredient (<1%) also offers with a nutty flavor and a long shelf life (more than one year).

DWG contains healthy amino acids—with leucine and lysine being two of the essentials. DWG also has more protein than quinoa, flax, whole grain oats and wheat bran. Adding DWG can boost nutrition, especially when adding less than 20% to other grain-filled products. DWG is commonly most popular in applications for cereal, crackers, bars and many other baked and snack products.

Meanwhile, adding DWG can give the appearance of nutmeg, banana seeds or other spices. It also improves product flavor and texture without adding the risk of rancidity (due to the fat being extracted).

VIOBIN offers DWG flexibility in particle size and toasting ability.

VIOBIN is a Six Sigma company that is kosher certified and FSSC/ISO 22000 certified. VIOBIN is a division of McShares Inc., which also owns Research Products and Engrain. These companies produce vitamins and enzymes for the baking industry.