General Mills announced the re-launch of its new and improved digital platform, Harnessing the power of innovation and mobile technology, General Mills is creating a brand new site and mobile experience to meet the needs of the new Latina and her mobile lifestyle.

"Relaunching our QueRicaVida site is a perfect opportunity to continue to grow with and equip our progressive and culturally diverse consumers with the best resources needed to assist them in today's mobile world," said Monica Granados, assistant interactive marketing manager who oversees all Que Rica Vida digital content.

According to a recent study by IAB, Latina moms are leading mobile first lives with nearly 40 percent of Latina moms relying on mobile devices as their primary internet source. With social, digital and mobile playing an important role in their everyday lives, General Mills redesigned their new site to be socially intuitive and mobile friendly.

"As with most communities, our Latina mom plays a pivotal role, guiding all decisions and meal creations. The emerging new Latina is highly focused on preserving heritage as well as blending her cultural realities and influences. We wanted to honor her with quality-focused content highlighting new products and experiences and empowering her with more innovative shopping tools," explains Granados.

The improved website has more rich, diverse and relevant content and offers valuable recipes, savings and nutritional information in a way that is more convenient for consumers.