Kettle Kups™ offers consumers flavors (Homestyle Chicken, Homestyle Beef, and Garden Vegetable), 12 servings per box, less than half the serving cost, and a healthier nutritional label.

Kettle Kups™ is allergen-free, gluten-free, lower in sodium and calories.

Kettle Kups™ is in more than 1,000 stores throughout the nation. Retailers around the country are looking at Kettle Kups™ as a healthier and better tasting alternative.

Kettle Kups™ has taken advantage of the tremendous growth of Keurig machines and K-cup coffee globally and throughout the U.S. Consumers today now want their Keurig machines to do more than make coffee. Therefore, K-Cup soups, which also serve as broths, are the next evolution of this market segment.

Kettle Kups™ is well positioned to take advantage of the growing need of families, chefs in need of a convenient broth, people on the go, and anyone interested in a hot cup of chicken soup on a cold day. In addition, as sales of Keurig machines continue to grow, consumers are looking for other ways to use these machines. Kettle Kups can be used as a clean, healthy broth in which vegetables and pasta of one's choosing can be added, stirred, and ready in minutes.