Kettle Kups™ Soups for Single Serve Brewers, a Powers Foods brand, is adding International French Onion Soup. Our French Onion Soup includes meat flavors with the robust taste of sweet California onions. Kettle Kups is all-natural, Keurig 2.0 compatible, has no MSG, and is gluten-free and allergen free.

Kettle Kups soups for single serve brewers can be found in more than two thousand Safeway/Albertsons stores in the Southwest, Rocky Mountain states, mid-Atlantic states and New England. Now even more retailers around the country are looking at Kettle Kups™ as a healthier and better tasting alternative.

Kettle Kups™ is well positioned to take advantage of the growing need of families, chefs in need of a convenient broth, people on the go, and anyone interested in a hot cup of soup on a cold day. In addition, as sales of Keurig machines continue to grow, consumers are looking for other ways to use these machines.