GO VEGGIE® is a brand reinventing itself in an effort to broaden its appeal to health-conscious as well as special dietary consumers. Coming off several new product launches, it is reportedly a bold move from GO VEGGIE.

The GO VEGGIE brand goes all green and unveils a fresh, new logo and packaging design across its product range, rolling out across stores. It is the latest step in the company's ongoing commitment to provide consumers with helpful information to make informed food choices. The new packaging features key benefits of GO VEGGIE's products, such as 50% more calcium and protein and 50% less calories and fat than ordinary cheese, in an easy-to-understand layout. It also has a clear, leaf-shaped window so consumers can see what they are buying – an important factor for food shoppers.

What's new with GO VEGGIE? "Everything," says Whitney Velasco-Aznar, Vice President of Galaxy Nutritional Foods. "After listening to our consumers, we've revamped our packaging to make it easier to understand our product segmentation and health benefits. And we found that these benefits were not only important to people with dietary restrictions and food allergies, but also to more mainstream, health-conscious consumers." She adds, "Our former packaging lacked a brand identity on shelf and the color-segmentation confused consumers. With this redesign we unified the range, making us more identifiable and approachable."