Consumers all over the world are demanding natural ingredients in the products they consume. Within the beverage industry, many manufacturers are responding by removing artificial colors. However, costs and stability issues can create barriers against this change.

With the launch of the CapColors® Orange 057 WSS colorant, Chr. Hansen now offers an affordable and high performing encapsulated beta-carotene product for beverage manufacturers looking to overcome these barriers.

The orange shade constitutes one of the largest color segments in the beverage industry and it is an essential attribute in juices, nectars and carbonated soft drinks. With beta-carotene being the most common non-artificial orange color, it is also a shade that that poses a range of challenges in the form of added costs, compromised product performance and application complexity.

Typical issues when using non-artificial color emulsions in the final application are color shifting and the appearance of neck ringing. In production, common issues include poor dispersion and dissolving. Chr. Hansen’s new CapColors® Orange colorant solves these issues using its proprietary encapsulation technology, which makes the product robust to light, heat and ringing, while dispersing and dissolving quickly thanks to its easy-to-use liquid form.

“To help customers move to non- artificial solutions is our job and with this new colorant, we have removed several of the barriers that our customers often face,” says Eric Jouenne, technical industry manager in Chr. Hansen’s Natural Color Division. “These significant improvements along with a cost-in-use that is lower than other beta-carotene solutions, means that moving into non-artificial colors will no longer have a major impact nor on product performance nor on cost.”

For more information on the CapColor Orange natural colorant, please contact, Eric Jouenne - Technical Industry Manager Beverage at or +33 4 67 59 96 48 or Leonardo Rubio Anselmi, Beverage Marketing Manager or +45 45 74 73 57.