PRE® Brands delivered on consumer demand for a superior beef experience in grocery stores through its launch of PRE® 100% grass fed beef.

The new PRE® line of 100% grass fed beef is sourced from trustworthy providers and focuses on taste, tenderness and juiciness — with no added hormones and antibiotics. The mission is simple: search the world to find the best beef and, using the PRE® OBSESSIVE PICK™ process, select the best animals, diets, environments and final cuts.

“As consumers continue to take more interest in their health and well-being, I realized there was an opportunity to deliver a different kind of experience by putting people at the forefront of everything we do – from the nutrition profile of the product to 100 percent transparent packaging” said PRE® Brands founder Lenny Lebovich. “Armed with more information, consumers are actively seeking out options, like PRE 100% grass fed beef, that fit with this new mindset.”

Starting at the farm and ending with their 100% clear packaging, the PRE® Obsessive Pick™ process is transparent. PRE® Brands sources beef only from producers that do not use added antibiotics, added hormones or feedlots.


Using a “15-point Obsessive Pick™” process PRE® measures every aspect of their cuts, from the marbling to the color, resulting in the very best quality and taste.

1. SELECT REGIONS. Beef sourced from the best environments possible for raising.
2. HEALTH & WELFARE STANDARDS. Careful review to ensure proper, ethical care.
3. NO FEEDLOTS. Zero crowded confinement and the consequences that come with it.
4. DIET. 100% grass fed AND finished. Absolutely no corn anywhere.
5. NO ADDED ANTIBIOTICS. None means none. Period.
6. NO ADDED HORMONES. No artificial growth, just healthy, happy living conditions.
7. BEST IN BREED. Only the best breeds; gentler in nature, pudgier and taste great.
8. CLASS. Only heifers and steers for our steak products.
9. AGE. No making the grade if cattle are past their use-by date.
10. WEIGHT. Only a natural, healthy weight makes the grade.
11. FAT COLOR. The magic identifier of good (true) 100% grass fed beef.
12. MEAT COLOR. The right shade tells if the animals are stress-free and healthy.
13. MARBLING. Just the right amount of healthy fat for tender, juicy taste every time.
14. pH LEVEL. Low lactic acid levels for better color, texture, shelf-life and taste.
15. AESTHETICS. 100% transparent packaging so you can see exactly what you’re getting.