PRE® Brands added 1/3 lb. hamburger patties to its lineup and has expanded to New England in Shaw's and Starr supermarkets and online at Sourced from nutrient rich pastures in Australia and New Zealand, all PRE Brands beef products adhere to the highest quality standards— 100% grass fed diet, pasture raised, no added antibiotics and no added growth hormones.

Ideal for the spring and summer grilling season, each 85% ground beef pub style patty is a hearty 1/3 pound and packs heart healthy fatty acids like Omega-3's and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Sold in unique patent-pending vacuum sealed packaging, PRE showcases its belief in 100% transparency. Each package is chemical free and dual-sided, showing shoppers exactly what they're getting. All PRE Brands products go through the strict selection process called, Our Taste Standard, ensuring only the most tender, flavorful, ethically raised beef is used, enabling a consistently rich, nuanced flavor with every bite.

Shoppers in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont can now find PRE Brands at Shaw's and Starr Supermarkets. Online, PRE Brand is available on Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and now According to Nielsen, more than 25% of American households currently buy groceries online, which has grown by 19% since 2014, with a projected 70% of Americans expected to engage in online grocery shopping within a decade.