Early childhood nutrition leader Gerber announced the expansion of its newest line of products, Gerber 3rd Foods® Lil' Bits® recipes, with the launch of Gerber 3rd Foods® Lil' Bits® Dinners.

The new category within Lil' Bits® not only provides parents with the perfectly-sized soft pieces to help their babies master the essential chewing developmental milestone, but also delivers the nutrition and variety many parents are looking for.

"As part of our mission to train tiny mouths to conquer big chewing challenges, we launched Lil' Bits® Dinners to mimic the savory items often served at dinnertime," said Aileen Stocks, Chief Marketing Officer. "That's why we're so excited to introduce Dinners as part of the Lil' Bits® Recipes line—we're providing that next step for children who are on their way to table food."

From tasty fruits & veggies to the complete nutrition of the new dinner varieties, the full line of Lil' Bits® recipes will help little ones earn a master's in chewing. New flavors include: Chicken Itty-Bitty Noodle, Garden Vegetable & Beef, Autumn Vegetable & Turkey, Mac & Cheese, Herbed Vegetable, Pasta & Chicken, Roasted Vegetable & Chicken, and Carrot Peas & Corn.