Tribe launched its latest Limited Batch flavor, Ranch Hummus, available now at grocery stores nationwide.

Tribe's new Ranch Hummus blends the taste of ranch with the creamy texture of traditional hummus to create a smooth, dairy-free dip that is a complement to baby carrots, celery stalks, broccoli tops or pita chip.

"Ranch is America's most popular salad dressing, and we're betting that it transitions nicely to a hummus flavor," said Adam Carr, CEO of Tribe. "Ranch has successfully moved from a salad dressing to a dip, and that's what inspired us to add it to the Tribe lineup. Exciting flavors continue to drive the market, and Ranch should certainly excite our current hummus lovers and soon-to-be hummus lovers."

Tribe has been able to capture the creamy, herb-filled Ranch flavor in a dip that does not include any of the high-calorie dairy products traditionally found in ranch dressing, yet the hummus still features the rich buttermilk type flavor people have come to love.

Tribe Ranch is the latest addition to the brand's Limited Batch collection. The new flavor will be available on shelves nationwide throughout the spring – and possibly longer given its reception by hummus lovers. The eight-ounce tub has a suggested retail price of $3.49.