Putting a unique spin on the look and taste of hummus, Tribe is set to launch a lineup of products this summer called Tribe Swirl. Tribe Swirl reinvents the hummus eating experience by taking toppings that are traditionally placed atop hummus, and instead layers them throughout the product, ensuring the last bite is as flavorful as the first.

Tribe Swirl solves the common consumer dilemma of running out of topping before one’s hummus is finished, which takes away from the full-flavor hummus experience. It also eliminates the need to mix the hummus before eating. By featuring ribbons of topping throughout the entire bowl, Tribe Swirl delivers the featured flavors in every mouthful.

The four new flavorful and colorful products that comprise the Tribe Swirl product lineup include: Sweet Red Pepper, Garlic & Herb, Fiery Sriracha and Salsa Hummus. The products will be available nationwide this month. The Northeast will launch with a 16-ounce ($5.99) container and the rest of the country will see a 10-ounce ($4.29) package on store shelves. Stores nationwide will carry the 16-ounce container by October.

“Tribe Swirl is going to create quite a stir within the humus category,” said Adam Carr, CEO of Tribe. “It is the only hummus on the market that offers toppings from top to bottom. This innovatively delicious spin gives consumers even more reason to dig in.”

Tribe Swirl also delivers a distinctive shelf appeal. Mixing the toppings throughout the see through bowl creates a stylized "swirl" design that redefines eating with one's eyes. Timed to a summer launch, the look and taste of Tribe Swirl makes it a must-have for picnics, beach gatherings and summertime outings.

This bright and bold line extension is a palate-pleaser and visual delight:

• Tribe Swirl Sweet Red Pepper features the brand’s Sweet Red Pepper hummus as its base with a ribbon of sweet red pepper weaved throughout the bowl, creating the ultimate sweet red pepper flavor.

• Tribe Swirl Garlic & Herb adds a ribbon of garlic and parsley to the brand’s Garlic flavor, making it the perfect hummus for garlic lovers.

• Tribe Swirl Fiery Sriracha is a bold blend that takes the brand’s popular Fiery Sriracha hummus and layers in even more of the spicy sauce to really bring the heat.

• Tribe Swirl Salsa Hummus combines Tribe’s creamy Classic hummus with a smooth, yet zesty salsa, to create a flavor that combines the best of both worlds and puts a whole new spin on double-dipping.