TribeHummus225.jpgTwo of the hottest food items on grocery shelves came together when Tribe Hummus lifted the lid on its Limited Batch Fiery Sriracha flavor, an explosive blend of the brand's smooth hummus and popular chili-pepper based sriracha sauce.

Tribe Limited Batch Fiery Sriracha will add fuel to the red-hot hummus category, which is one of the fastest growing areas in grocery stores. Coupled with the fact that hot sauce production, and specifically, sriracha, is also one of the fastest growing industries, the new flavor is expected to be a surefire hit.

"Hummus and sriracha are the perfect combination, not just on the palate, but also in terms of popularity," said Adam Carr, CEO of Tribe. "Consumers are looking for foods that are not only better for them, but also excite them. Tribe is a leader in creating those uniquely bold blends they seek. And now with Fiery Sriracha, we're really bringing the heat."

And if the fiery combination isn't hot enough, Tribe turns up the temperature by topping the Limited Batch blend with red pepper flakes to increase the heat.

Sriracha is used at breakfast, lunch and dinner and Tribe is hoping consumers use their new fiery flavor just the same. This smooth and spicy blend can be used to add excitement to eggs, sandwiches and even salads. And like all of Tribe's premium blends, it makes the perfect dip for fresh veggies, crackers, pita bread and salty snacks.

Tribe isn't the only brand that sees the value in bringing the heat. Rogue Ales has added a sriracha beer to its line-up, UV Vodka introduced sriracha-flavored vodka and Pizza Hut now offers a honey sriracha sauce. Additionally, brands such as Kettle now offer a sriracha version of its chips and Heinz a sriracha ketchup.

The introduction of Tribe's Fiery Sriracha Hummus is the brand's latest innovation in terms of unique flavor combinations aimed at expanding the appeal of hummus. Last year, Tribe introduced such flavors as Lemon Rosemary Focaccia, Harvest Carrot & Ginger and Cucumber Tzatziki.