Tessemae's All Natural, a player in the fresh dressing and condiment category, will be elevating its ingredient profile with a 100% USDA Organic certification in January 2016.

Tessemae's All Natural, a fresh condiment company will add 100% USDA Organic certified to its current line of gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added, and Whole30 approved products.

Under their current portfolio of products, Tessemae's has maintained a high benchmark of quality. The USDA certification will join a list of product attributes including gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar, and no preservatives or additives. The 100% USDA Organic designation will include 14 dressings and 5 condiments.

"Our mission is pretty simple. We make the best tasting and best quality dressings and condiments available. And while we are very proud of having accomplished that with our original formula, we understand that with the USDA certification we effectively eliminate any remaining question marks. The number of organic products on conventional grocery shelves is up roughly 50% versus last year. Turns out people want to know that what they're eating, is actually what they think they're eating. We think that's a fair ask." -Greg Vetter, CEO.