International Acacia gum expert Alland & Robert introduces Instant Soluble Acacia gum 500i. It’s a new product dedicated to the stabilization of complex oil emulsions in aqueous solutions. It works particularly well with citrus fruits, paprika and beta-carotene—ingredients frequently used in fruit sodas, sports drinks and other beverages.

Alland & Robert’s scientific approach led researchers to identify and to confirm the key measurement indicators related to the emulsifying power of acacia gum. Researchers found that the surface tension and the gum’s emulsifying capacity actually can depend on the originating country and on the soil composition. For example, an acacia gum originating from Senegal and from sandy soils will have a better emulsifying capacity than a gum from trees rooted in clay soils.

“An incorrect emulsion has a significant impact on the quality of the final product because it provokes an alteration of taste, of texture and of sensations for the consumer,” notes Frédéric Alland, CEO of Alland & Robert. “Instant Soluble Acacia gum 500i has been developed following an in-depth study of the different phases of emulsion, and especially its long-term stability.”

He continues, “It is a product supported by our greatest customers … and [already has] contributed to the success of new drinks proposed on the market. This is especially true because the colors, the textures and flavors were perfect.”

Emulsions are essential and sensitive processes to produce in the agri-food industry, and more especially in the beverage industry. “Instant Soluble Acacia gum 500i” is particularly efficient to succeed in and stabilize the emulsions. The acacia gum is a natural hydrocolloid, natural fiber, which reduces the surface tension between dispersed and continued phases of an emulsion. Its use contributes to the stabilization of scattered droplets with electrostatic and steric effects, which facilitates the emulsions and guarantees success.

Beyond the benefits of the Instant Soluble Acacia gum 500i for the success of emulsions, the acacia gum presents interesting nutritional properties. It is 100% natural (because it comes from acacia exudates), as well as colorless, tasteless and soluble in water. It also is rich in fiber. The product contains no allergens or pesticides. It also is organic, halal and kosher certified, and perfectly suits food products including for vegetarian and vegan diets.

About Alland & Robert
Created in 1884, Alland & Robert is a family company based in Normandy. The company is an international leader on the acacia gum market, an entirely natural additive or ingredient mainly used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In 2014, Alland & Robert carried out a turnover of 32 million euros, of which 86% globally in 69 countries through 37 distributors. The company employs 65 people at three sites in France, including two factories located in the departments of the Eure, in Port-Mort and Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon. The company’s Parisian offices house administration and commercial teams.

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