As part of the National Chicken Council's (NCC) Chicken Check In initiative, NCC announced a new chicken labeling glossary - aiming to provide consumers with the facts when it comes to chicken terms and labels. The glossary comes on the heels of national survey findings showing that nearly two-thirds (62%) of consumers find chicken labels and packaging to be confusing.

The new glossary provides fact-based descriptions to a comprehensive set of terms often found on chicken packages on store shelves. Consumers will gain a better understanding on terms related to type of bird, what chickens are fed, the types of housing chickens are raised in, and more - empowering them to make informed, fact-based purchasing decisions.

"We believe in giving the consumer choices in the type of chicken they want," said NCC spokesperson Tom Super. "However, what this research shows is that the terms used for those choices can be confusing. This glossary addresses that confusion and arms the consumer with the information they need to continue choosing safe, affordable and healthy chicken."

This resource comes on the heels of a release by the US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) of a new video that examines the various poultry packaging labels. The video also provides some clarity about the labeling of fresh and frozen chicken products and also reassures that American poultry products are among the safest and healthiest foods anywhere in the world.

The glossary can be found on NCC's Chicken Check In website – which invites Americans to learn more about how the chicken they purchase and feed their families is raised. Chicken Check In provides consumers with the opportunity to get a close look at how chickens are raised, from the farm to grocery store shelves. From videos to answers to frequently asked questions, Chicken Check In is a resource for consumers to get the information they are seeking about chicken care.