Mulberry Love, a line of superfruit drinks with many health benefits, is now available nationwide.

Mulberry Love officially released two new varieties in March: Green Tea - Mulberry Juice (40 calories), and Kombucha + Mulberry Juice

Mulberry Love is available in several other varieties, including:

• Grape Juice + Mulberry Juice
• Thai Coconut Water + Mulberry Juice
• Strawberry Juice + Apple Juice + Mulberry Juice (Kids)
• Peach Juice + Apple Juice + Mulberry Juice (Kids)
• Banana Juice + Apple Juice + Mulberry Juice (Kids)

Mulberry Love's products are organic, all natural, and low in calories.

Some health benefits of consuming Mulberry Love include:

• Weight Loss
• Increased Metabolism
• Improved Memory Function
• Boosted Immunity