Grimmway Farms introduced a new line of TRUE organic juices to meet the needs of consumers in the super premium organic juice category. Powered by Grimmway’s Cal-Organic farming operation, TRUE blends Cal-Organic vegetables with a variety of organic fruits for a line of premium organic juice smoothies. 


“Given the increased popularity of organics, we believed that it was time to develop a juice that combines our home farm grown vegetables with premium fruits to offer a unique and great-tasting organic fruit and vegetable blend,” said Steve Roodzant, General Manager of Beverage.

The new TRUE organic juice line consists of six full-bodied flavors – Bunched Greens, Bananaberry Crush, Wild Berry Blend, Tropical Mango, Blended Blue, and Pure Carrot in single-serve 12oz and multi-serve 28oz bottles.

“We analyzed the top seven selling flavors that account for the over half of the category sales, omitted Pomegranate, and developed the remaining six flavors. Our goal was to focus on the flavors that appeal most to the consumers. Despite the huge growth in the demand for organics, we knew that being organic wasn’t enough – the product must taste great too,” said Melissa Pine, VP Beverage Sales.

Grimmway Farms provides established and reliable support within the growing demands of organics, especially as a niche within the super premium juice category. The company has received a tremendous amount of support and excitement around the initial launch of the new TRUE organic juice line. From retailers to consumers, many have expressed great interest in all that TRUE has to offer, praising its organic nature and premium flavor at a price comparable to the organic fruit and vegetable category. A team of sales representatives and in-store merchandisers is available to collaborate with customers to develop a successful plan to launch the TRUE Grimmway Farms line of juices in retail, foodservice, and convenience sectors.