VitaminFIZZ is the vitamin enhanced sparkling water brand boasting taste and now added functionality. The hybrid combination of zero calories, vitamin enhancement and caffeine blurs the carbonated-sparkling-functional category lines.

According to a new report from Mintel, Chicago, in an effort to spark interest in stagnant categories, manufacturers are introducing hybrid drinks that combine flavor and functionality and blur beverage segment lines. As stated in a recent article from Food Business News, "sales trends suggest the better-for-you movement is reshaping the non-alcoholic beverage industry, but brands should consider a stronger focus on communicating flavor, in addition to health-centric or function attributes, of cross-category products," said Elizabeth Sisel, beverage analyst at Mintel.

VitaminFIZZ has fused the best attributes of multiple categories while maintaining the taste and flavor that made VitaminFIZZ popular in the first place. The company is confident traditional soda, diet soda, sparkling water, health-centric and functional consumers, on a national scale, will be enticed to try VitaminFIZZ.

"VitaminFIZZ with Caffeine delivers a better-for-you fusion of delicious flavor, zero calories, vitamin enhancement and functionality. In creating this fusion, we have blurred or even crossed the lines of multiple beverage categories, stated V. Scott Vanis, Minerco's Chairman and CEO. "We believe VitaminFIZZ is the answer to typical and even diet sodas. VitaminFIZZ: your soda replacement, only better! Production of VitaminFIZZ with Caffeine is scheduled for next month in California, and we are also scheduling production runs in other regions. The newest flavors will be made available on VitaminFIZZ social media in the coming days."