"THINS" may be in its name, but this hearty snack cracker is surprisingly satisfying thanks to both the whole grains and its irresistible crunch. Wasa THINS are the latest addition to the Wasa line and meant to be enjoyed straight from the box. Made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients, delicately seasoned and then oven-baked for a great crunch, Wasa THINS are the perfect snack whether you're at home, at the office or on-the-go.

Wasa THINS are conveniently packed into two separate stay-fresh pouches making them a smart and convenient snack for those leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

Wasa believes in using only the simplest, highest quality and easy-to-recognize food ingredients. New Wasa THINS continue this commitment with a clean label boasting the goodness of whole grains, no added sugar, no cholesterol and no artificial flavors. They proudly carry the Whole Grain Council Seal showing eight grams or more of whole grains for plenty of natural fiber to satisfy hunger. Wasa THINS helps people meet at least 25% of their daily recommended whole grains by the USDA.

Wasa THINS are available in two flavors:

• Sesame & Sea Salt, featuring toasted sesame seeds kneaded in the dough and topped with flavorful sea salt

• Rosemary & Sea Salt, baked with a touch of rosemary for light flavor notes and topped with flavorful sea salt.