Maker of instant ready paleo muffins, MuffinElse™, announced its official debut at the Paleo f(x) expo in Austin, Texas.

MuffinElse™ makes paleo muffin mixes that are soy free, dairy free, grain free and wheat free, contain no preservatives and it’s sugar content is all from natural sources (no refined sugar and no added sugar). MuffinElse™ products come in single serving packets. Prepare a muffin by emptying the packet into a coffee mug, add water and microwave for 90 seconds.

“Keeping a paleo diet is challenging, especially when you try to make meal plans for a family. I created MuffinElse out of a necessity. I needed a snack that I knew was healthy, minimally processed and mostly organic (organic when available); but at the same time all I could find is either frozen or baking products. That just did not work for me. I really wanted a muffin that is always freshly made yet easy to prepare,” says Shira Krakowski, founder of MuffinElse™. “That is why I created MuffinElse™ and my family just loves it”.

“We’ve soft launched MuffinElse™ throughout the past year and received great feedback from a lot of people. The Paleo f(x) event in Austin Texas is the perfect venue for us to introduce MuffinElse™ to the world as it is the largest paleo event in the year and many people from the paleo community show up to learn about new paleo related trends,” says Shira.

MuffinElse™ joins the growing trend of food and convenience products that cater to people that maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Being the first product in its category, MuffinElse™ muffins are Certified Paleo with the Paleo Foundation and are offered in four different flavors – Nutty Maple, Cinnamon Rising, Double Chocolate and Pecan Clover. Each flavor has eight or less ingredients, packed with 165 calories or less and 6 grams of protein.