With today’s consumer increasingly interested in health, even indulgent products such as ice cream and baked goods are now expected to have clean labels.

Parker Products is excited to support the dairy industry with its new line of seven clean label cake inclusions, produced through a unique hot panning process, which it will showcase at the 2016 IFT show, Booth #740, in Chicago.

Brands that make indulgent products like ice cream have historically valued performance and sensory attributes over clean labels. Parker’s new line offers stable, reliable products that allow for exciting new flavors. Meanwhile, these new inclusions remove artificial flavors and colors, partially hydrogenated oil, preservatives; as well as allergens including dairy, soy, and nuts.

“As indulgent food brands move toward cleaner labels, they will need inclusions that can still preserve a great sensory experience,” says Greg Hodder, president. “Parker is available to help with intriguing ingredients – like our new cake inclusions – that possess claims including all natural, allergen free, and others.”

Parker’s cake inclusions are produced using a unique hot-panning process, which leaves lower moisture content in the final piece. This allows for a longer shelf life—up to 12 months—whereas traditional baked goods often have a shelf life of mere weeks. A longer shelf life can help manufacturers eliminate food waste and create operational efficiencies, particularly for brands that use smaller portions or have a longer manufacturing cycle. The ingredients are also shelf stable, eliminating the need for costly frozen shipping and storage, and maintain the same shelf life whether stored in a dry, refrigerated, or frozen setting.

The cake inclusions have a crunchy texture when dry, and absorb fat and moisture in ice cream to create the dense mouthfeel of real cake. Inclusion flavors include Brownie, Pie Crust, and Carrot, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Lemon, and German Chocolate Cake. These classic flavors can be added to other ingredients to create exciting combinations like Key Lime Pie or Mixed Berry Cake.

To learn more about how the company supports clean label ice cream and other indulgent products, visit Parker at IFT booth 740 or online at ParkerProducts.com.

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