Dosha Pops, Inc., purveyors of handmade Ayurvedic herbal tea lollipops, announcedthe launch of its newest candy flavors.

"Here at Dosha Pops, we like to think that every day is lollipop day but, today, we're celebrating the honor of National Lollipop Day. To partake in the festivities, we're excited to introduce six new lollipop flavors," said Peggy Andrews, Founder & CEO of Dosha Pops, Inc.

Six new flavors include:

Amlaberry : Organic triphala, gooseberry blend
Bing Balance : Organic nettle leaf tea, cherry blend
Cinnamon Shan-tea : Organic cinnamon
Goodness Grapecious : Organic lotus leaf tea, grape blend
Karm-Ohm- Smile : Organic chamomile tea blend
Sarsapari-ahh : Organic sarsaparilla root blend

Andrews stated, "We are ecstatic over the expansion of our collection with these six new offerings because our new products will continue to serve as a friendly way to introduce Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, to the Western World. We know candy fans will be unable to resist these new flavors."

These pops help people rediscover their environment, body, mind, and spirit. Complementing the lollipops is an online quiz that helps customers find out their dosha type: Are you a Kapha, Pitta or Vata? Defining your dosha helps suggest which herbal tea spice blended lollipops may support more balance in your life.

The six new flavors are available online in six packs for $15. To learn about the new flavors, visit