Dandy Celery Snackers available now for foodservice customers, include several items designed to fuel busy lifestyles such as the following:

Ready to Snack Celery Sticks: The 1.6-ounce package of fresh-cut celery sticks is portioned for an individual serving size.

Dandy Celery and Peanut Butter Packs: Available in 2.3-ounce and 4.15-ounce packs; great for lunch boxes, after-school and weekend activities.

Crunch Cups: Duda partnered with top brands, to create a line of snack items with a variety of flavor and high quality ingredients. The convenient cups are designed for on-the-go snacking. Available in Ranch, Lite Ranch, Sriracha Ranch and smooth Peanut Butter, with more varieties planned in the near future.

“For 90 years, Duda has been the category leader in our various lines of business and we are continuing that legacy with Dandy Celery Snackers,” said Dan Duda, president, Duda Farm Fresh Foods. “Food and nutrition experts tell us how important healthy snacking is; we want to provide the best quality, most delicious heathy snacks in the market. Dandy Celery Snackers are perfect for college campuses; Grab n Go operators; convenience stores; employee cafeterias; anywhere that people want a convenient healthy snack.”