bakerly began when Julien and Fabian, two Bretons (from Brittany, in the North West of France) decided to combine their efforts and talents to convince American consumers that crêpes, brioches, and other traditional French products deserved a place in every American household.

Beginning in November 2016, bakerly will launch a new line of products: the family line.

Brioche is a versatile bread. It’s a bit softer and sweeter than regular bread, and packs an amazing spectrum of flavor. bakerly’s brioche is made following rigorous baking techniques that have been passed down through generations of French bakers. 

Like all bakerly products, its brioche is made using only premium, all natural ingredients which includes real butter, rBST-free milk, and unbleached flour. All of bakerly's lines are non-GMO and contain zero preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial flavoring. 

New products include hand-braided brioche, sliced brioche, soft brioche baguette, brioche rolls, and brioche rolls with chocolate chips.