Pretzelmaker® is inviting customers to "Go Nuts" this season with its Almond Crunch Pretzel. The Almond Crunch Pretzel is made with a sweet toasted almond crunch topping that pairs well with caramel sauce. Its flavor profile fits for the fall and winter and it's expected to be a holiday hit with busy shoppers. The Almond Crunch Pretzel might only be available through Dec. 31, 2016.

"Pretzelmaker knows our customers are hungry for flavor trends and with toasted nut gaining popularity, our Almond Crunch Pretzel is perfect for the holiday season," said Lisa Cheatham, Director of Marketing, Pretzelmaker. "The Almond Crunch Pretzel tastes like fall and winter – its pure comfort and warmth. Visit us today and 'Go Nuts'."