Recently, Philadelphia sisters and owners of LuLu Bang Sauces, Jorrae and Kelly Beard captivated millions of viewers of the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

Since appearing on the show, sales for LuLu Bang Sauces have skyrocketed from 500 units sold per week at Walmart to more than 5,000 sales online.

Although the creators of LuLu Bang Sauces did not secure the investment, their on-camera presentation certainly turned up the heat. When the two sisters from West Philly approached the panel of Shark hosts, a tough combo of self-made multi-millionaires and billionaire tycoons, Kelly Beard boldly proclaimed “If you’re like us, you like to BANG”, jaws dropped and the show began.

It all began four and a half years ago, when Jorrae Beard, originator of Joyce’s LuLu Bang, decided she was exhausted with her sauce options and decided to create a sauce of her own. Together with her eldest sister, Kelly Beard, the two transformed a tasty sauce into a business that would revolutionize the way people experienced food.

Joyce’s LuLu Bang, affectionately named after their late mother Joyce Beard and late brother Michael “Lulu Bang” Beard, has since evolved from a sauce whipped up in a small kitchen to a growing household name. The popular sauce is available in more than 100 Walmart locations, as well as ShopRite supermarket in the Philadelphia area.

Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauces enhance the flavor of food, whether it’s fish, chicken, or beef, pasta, rice or salads. Crafted with a combination of herbs and spices, Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauces come in four distinct flavors: Asian Persuasion, BBQ Fusion, Bourbon Marinade, and It’s Just HOT.