Newman's Own, the food brand that donates all profits to charity, announced the launch of a new line of organic pasta sauces. These Newman's Own Organics pasta sauces are built on the tradition of quality pasta sauces started by Paul Newman back in 1983.

All varieties of these pasta sauces blend quality organic tomatoes and organic extra virgin olive oil to create an exceptional taste. Not only do the sauces taste great, but consumers will feel good serving them knowing that they are non-GMO, gluten free, and do not contain any added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The Newman's Own Organics pasta sauce lineup includes three great tasting flavors:

•Marinara - A classic combination of organic tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions
•Tomato & Basil - A flavorful combo of organic tomatoes and basil
•Sockarooni - Peppers, spices and the whole shebang -- this organic concoction will make you sing!

As with all Newman's Own products, all profits from the sale of Newman's Own Organics pasta sauces will go to charity.

"More and more, consumers are looking for great tasting organic choices," said Bruce Bruemmer, VP Marketing for Newman's Own, Inc. "True to Paul Newman's legacy, we're excited to launch these great tasting organic pasta sauces that are sure to delight consumers."

The new Newman's Own Organics pasta sauces will be available in 23.5-ounce jars beginning this month in the pasta sauce aisle of grocery retailers nationwide.