Yai’s Thai debuted four new products. The company released three Thai Coconut Curry Sauces and Thai Almond Sauce, all of which are vegan, gluten-free, paleo friendly, Whole30 approved, and low in sodium.

The three varieties of ready-to-eat Thai Coconut Curries include Green, Yellow, and Red curry, each a different spice level ranging from mild to hot. Yai’s Thai has maintained its high ingredient standards by using fresh ingredients, adding no sugar of any kind, and keeping the sodium low, which is especially unique among Asian products. 
This allows the pure flavor of the curries to come forward, while creating truly healthy and easy-to-use options. In further keeping with its ingredient philosophy, Yai’s Thai has omitted xanthan gum and instead uses ground chia seeds as a stabilizer. The sauces do still have a degree of natural separation, but the company believes consumers are increasingly open-minded about this in favor of keeping a simple ingredient list.

Yai’s Thai is also releasing a Thai Almond Sauce, a spin-off of Thai Peanut Sauce and the first of its kind on the market. This sauce is geared towards consumers who are avoiding peanuts in their diet, such as those following the paleo lifestyle or the Whole30 program. Instead of adding any sugar, the sauce is made with tamarind juice for natural sweetness.

“We’re excited to be introducing more familiar Thai products to our line,” says Leland Copenhagen, co-founder and CEO. “I learned to make curries and peanut sauce from scratch with my mom and Yai, and want to make it easy for people to bring these more traditional Thai flavors into their kitchens.”

All four new varieties are shelf stable with an suggested retail price of $7.99. These new additions bring the company’s product line to a total of 10 SKUs.  Yai’s Thai also produces Thai Salsa, Thai Hot Sauce, and Spicy Thai Relish.