WATCHAREE’S authentic Thai sauces launched Thai Yellow Curry Sauce. Watcharee Limanon, a recognized Thai culinary artist trained in Bangkok, created the sauce as a new product in her line of traditional ready-to-use Thai sauces.

“Thai yellow curry, which is called as kaeng kari in Thailand, is a mild curry and beloved Thai comfort food with origins in India,” said Watcharee.  “Our yellow curry sauce is high in turmeric and cumin, which are believed to promote longevity.  In Thailand we serve yellow curry with a Thai cucumber relish called ajat to add a bit of zing.”

Handcrafted from a premium blend of aromatic herbs and spices, and rich coconut cream, the WATCHAREE’s product line also includes traditional Thai peanut sauce, green curry sauce, massaman curry sauce and pad Thai sauce.  Watcharee sauces do not include artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or other additives, and are gluten free.

Rich and pure but never overpowering, WATCHAREE’S Thai peanut sauce is the spicy sidekick of satay, but also brings a tangy warmth to fresh vegetables, noodles or wraps.  Her classic Thai green curry sauce, which is bold yet delicate, has a sophistication all its own.  Bursting with spicy sweetness and a hint of salt and lime, WATCHAREE’S massaman curry sauce is a hearty simmer sauce that infuses meats and seafood with the best of Thai traditions. And her most versatile sauce, pad Thai sauce, blends fragrant spices, sweet shallots and tamarind, and is inspired by a recipe from traditional fishing villages east of Bangkok.