Crunchmaster introducing two new product platforms.

The first is Protein Snack Crackers—crunchy, baked crackers with whole grain and five grams of protein per serving to keep consumers energized. As a cracker positioned as a protein snack, it represents a whole new category in “better for you” snacking. Thanks to recent positive press, plant-based proteins are growing in interest. The protein in these crackers comes from brown rice and chickpea flours and are free of soy and whey products. Available in Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic, and Barbeque flavors, Protein Snack Crackers are a tasty way to keep up with the pace of life. 

The second product platform from Crunchmaster is Tuscan Peasant crackers—crunchy, robust crackers with whole grains inspired by an old-world recipe. The crackers tap into the notion that simple recipes of the past are often more flavorful than highly processed foods. Available in Simply Olive Oil and Sea Salt, Garlic & Italian Herb, and Rosemary flavors, they combine old world inspiration with modern taste.