REBBL®, maker of organic coconut-milk Elixirs and Proteins, introduced three new flavors to its award winning line of soulfully crafted drinks blended with super-herbs including adaptogens, one of the hottest consumer trends of 2017. The new products will be available beginning this month.

Each of the new flavors brings REBBL's unique blend of Righteous Plant Alchemy into the bottle and highlights the benefits of the latest trends in wellness. Well + Good included inflammation-fighting foods, such as turmeric, and hyper-functional beverages among its top trends for 2017. MindBodyGreen called adaptogens "the hottest new buzzword in health." Nutrition Business Journal reports that 36% of consumers prefer plant-based milks, and Lux Research predicts that plant-based protein could represent one-third of overall protein by 2054.

REBBL's new flavors include:

Reishi Cold-Brew delivers unusually smooth cold-brew coffee in a creamy blend with 7 grams of coconut MCTs for energy and metabolism and no added sugars. Reishi mushroom is believed to help support healthy immune function and healthy aging.

Turmeric Lemon Tart celebrates the golden super root turmeric in creamy, delectable coconut-milk with lemon and a touch of organic honey from wild-harvested rainforest bees. Each bottle includes 1,800MG of turmeric root, reported to support joint health, cognitive function and digestive wellness.

Cold-Brew Protein delivers 12 grams of plant protein from pea and sunflower in creamy coconut-milk with smooth cold-brew coffee. This powerhouse includes super herb support from maca, ashwagandha and reishi, a blend believed to enhance endurance and recovery.