The Culinary Circle brand announced that it is adding eight new items to its lineup to meet consumer demand for premium artisan products, inspired by today’s food and flavor trends. The new items include:

  • Two new cheese stuffed crust pizzas with popular topping combinations: pepperoni and three meat. The new Culinary Circle pizzas feature a mozzarella-filled crust and a hefty amount of premium toppings, for kids or entertaining. The Culinary Circle pizza line includes 28 different pizzas in a variety of styles, flavors and crust types — from thin and flatbread to self-rising, multigrain, biscuit and the new cheese stuffed.
  • Three new wing sauces in palate-pleasing flavors. These flexible finishing sauces are for pairing with chicken tenders, shrimp, or even sautéed beef or pork cubes for a simple, quick and tasty appetizer.

Bold & Peppery features a punch of vinegar and cayenne peppers with savory tomato and molasses

Parmesan Garlic combines Italian seasonings with robust Parmesan cheese and garlic for a rich, creamy sauce

Asian brings together a blend of chili peppers with honey, rice wine and sesame for a sweet and spicy flavor

  • Three new gelatos for consumers who want to upgrade their indulgences: Caramel Cookie Crunch, Mint Fudge and Chocolate Peanut Butter. The new Culinary Circle gelatos feature on-trend flavors while offering a decadent, but lower-in-fat alternative to ice cream.