VERO WATER®, a provider of luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry, announced the debut of the VERO WATER TOWER and a sneak-peek at the VERO+4 at the National Restaurant Show. Both systems were designed specifically to meet the needs of large independent and national accounts. VERO WATER offers luxury still and sparkling water—on site and on demand—swiftly, profitably, and sustainably by transforming tap water through its proprietary purification system.

In just a few years, Vero has rapidly become the "water brand of choice" among a growing number of the most celebrated chefs and awarded restaurants, hotels and spas - and has expanded nationally to every major metropolitan market in the US.

"The traditional way consumers order bottled water on-premise is brand and price unknown, and they are typically offered 'still, sparkling or tap'. Because our taste profile could meet the exacting standards of the most demanding chefs and is packaged in a luxury bottle, VERO WATER quickly found acceptance as a replacement for expensive imported bottled waters. What took us by surprise was just how quickly we gained massive appeal," said David Deshe, Co-founder and President of Vero Water.

A foundation of Vero's success is the consistently pure, crisp signature taste with a luxurious and soft mouthfeel and a light, refreshing finish. This proprietary profile preferred by chefs cleanses the palate and enables the taste of the food and wine to be at the center of the dining experience. "Our guests love the taste of Vero Water," said Chef Dena Marino of MC Kitchen, located in the trendy design district of Miami. She added, "From a culinary perspective, Vero's crisp and clean taste profile cleanses the palate making it an ideal accompaniment to a meal."