Synergy Flavors’ IFT Booth #2626 will address the best of both worlds—and address consumers’ ongoing interests in both indulgence and clean eating.

Booth samples and the theme are based on social media research, which indicates that consumers are indeed torn between #cheatday and #cleaneating, as evidenced in their eating habits. Attendees at the Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting and Expo can visit the Synergy Flavors’ booth #2626 in Las Vegas, June 25-28, to find out more about the flavors that will spark interest and entice taste buds on both sides of the dietary spectrum.

“Flavors, essences and extracts can speak to both ‘sides’ of a consumer’s eating personality depending on format and application,” says Parveen Werner, associate director of marketing for Synergy. “For example, on one side of our booth we paired up coconut flavor with caramel for a decadent cookie dough truffle, but for the ‘clean’ eater we used coconut to flavor a healthy nut butter. We can utilize identifiable consumer trends to help formulators devise a flavor strategy designed to take advantage of this split eating personality.”

On the indulgent side for #cheatday, other treats include Cookie Dough Truffles with Unicorn, chocolate mint and a caramel coconut flavor as well as a non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic Float with juniper flavored ice cream and lime soda. All evidence shows a huge spike in gin and the use of juniper berry, gin’s identifying flavor. Millennials in particular are driving the market for premium and super premium gin products, overall preferring authentic, quality spirits with flavor.

“We selected juniper for one of the more indulgent beverages as the classic note for gin and tonic, a beverage with robust sales,” adds Werner. “Gin is emerging as the new ‘it’ spirit with ample room for retail flavor exploration. Using the traditional flavors in an ice cream is reminiscent of a root beer float, a nostalgic summer treat. Our version delivers indulgence with a refined twist to hopefully spark unique, innovative beverage ideas for our customers.”

On the #cleaneating side of the booth, sophistication is the byword for the cold brew coffees and black tea flavors Synergy created, evocative of high end coffee and tea shops. Both types of beverages are experiencing extraordinary popularity. Mintel reports retail sales of cold brew coffee grew 115% in the past year, with a strong customer base among older millennials and men. The Tea Association of the USA lists tea as the second most highly-consumed beverage in the world after water.

IFT attendees can taste clean beverages such as Raspberry Vanilla Oak Tea or Cold Brew Coffee, and sample Flavored Nut Butters such as Toffee with pretzels and Coconut with coconut chips. 

“We’re witnessing a strong back to nature movement for clean eating,” said Werner. “Our beverage samples, created with organic flavors and pure extracts are the epitome of clean label for the formulator.”

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Synergy Flavors Inc. is a leading supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry. Our Synergy Pure® coffee, tea, and vanilla extracts and essences capture authentic flavor and aroma from nature. Synergy offers high-quality taste solutions to inspire innovation that allows our customers to retain their competitive edge in a global market. Synergy Flavors is committed to sustainability and is taking active steps to reduce the carbon footprint throughout every stage of business activities. 

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