Tina Owens
Senior Manager-Sustainability & Procurement

Consumers are looking for clean labels. Investors are looking for corporate sustainability and clear sourcing (traceability). How do corporate R&D and ingredient purchasing executives work more closely to achieve both goals? A 13-year veteran in R&D, ingredient sourcing and supply chain at Kellogg’s and Kashi, Owens speaks knowledgably about how ingredient sourcing issues now play a much more dynamic, visible role in new product development.

She also will explain Kashi’s growing portfolio of “Certified Transitional” products. Inspired to help farmers meet rising demand for organics, Kashi in 2016 partnered with leading organic certifier Quality Assurance International (QAI) to create Certified Transitional, a protocol which creates a new way for farmers to command slightly higher prices for their crops in transition during the three-year period – giving them the financial assurance needed to make the switch from conventional to organic.

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